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Career One Stop is built-in to provide specialised Human Capital hiring and Talent Acquisition solutions to remove the challenge of recruiting the right talent. We know the importance of good talent in a company and we are committed to helping the organisations to procure talent in a competitive recruitment environment. We can connect your organisation with highly-qualified candidates making the process seamless.

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Screening of Candidates

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We know that candidates are your expensive asset and hence we are committed to finding out the top-notch candidates with the help of our systematic approach. We are happy to optimize your recruitment strategy and provide you with guidance on implementing the best practice, and also help you with salary benchmarking on current market rates. 

Our extensive database of candidates who are actively looking for a job as well as the list of passive candidates who are not looking for a job but are a good fit for your company. 


Career One Stop specialises in Services, Information Technology, New-age Start-ups and Research Companies. Our HR Professionals have experience in different domains.

Our Mission

To be the leading partner that clients and candidates always choose to connect with. To connect great organizations with even greater people. We strive to deliver what we promise, first time every time!

The company aims to change the way HR consulting is done by providing "The Right Talent Experience Journey”.
Career One Stop

Founder Message

HR is a passion for me. I believe in the power of People, Networks and Technology. 

“I like to build things. Especially things that solve human problems – like finding the right people for your team, helping people get better jobs, helping companies build a strong culture..”

– Founder and CEO

Manzar Imam

We Build Lasting Relationships Between Candidates & Businesses

Career One Stop is Unique Start-Up to provide Enterprise HR Services to Businesses of all scales. Based in New Delhi, the company was established out of challenges faced by startups, small and mid-scale businesses in hiring, streamlining hr processes an continuous HR improvement.


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